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Kindness, Generosity + Emotional Intelligencea post from Pre-K and K Sharing - teach children how to ask for a turn and offer some acceptable responses (I would add "When I'm finshed." as one of the choices.)

Sharing Toys: timers to reinforce the concept of sharing from article on kindness, generosity + Emotional Intelligence. How do you reinforce kindness in your home? In your classroom? Random Acts of Kindness ideas!

Do you have the kid on the cover in your class? I've met him many times. This is a set of social narratives for providing expectations, perspective, and coping strategies for the classroom routines of raising hands to talk, lining up and walking quietly

Page Though classroom routine is a classroom management tool, it is also a differentiation tool. Students need to know what to expect and expectations that their teachers have of them in order to do their best and be successful throughout the school day.

Sunshine Committe - Social Committee - Ideas for Fall - tips to help build staff morale plus free printables.

Sunshine Committee ideas and tips to help build staff morale plus free printables on this teacher site. Relationships among leaders and teachers will directly impact student learning and achievement.

Teach students about transitions within the classroom. Set rules and expectations in your classroom early on. Behavior Basics curriculum for students with special needs and autism

Creating a written overview such as this will allow the student to interact with peers in meaningful ways because they understand what they are expected to do. Different levels could be photos or long sentences.