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Decluttering – Where To Start?!?!  ||  Clutter can be overwhelming. Really overwhelming. Where do we begin when all we can see is chaos and stuff? I will confess right here to being one of those people who used to start to declutter everywhere, all at once – and expect to finish it in a day. Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/decluttering-where-to-start/

A humourous look at the things bothering you. Published by Standard Issue 7 Nov 2016 for National Organsing Week 2016

Decluttering To Favorites  ||  Why declutter to Favorites? This is the basis for which you may have the most motivation, success and momentum at minimizing and simplifying your life. What does that mean? Read more... http://mendingthenest.com/decluttering-to-favorites/

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