Why Liquid Metal – 10 reasons

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Design with metal | Metalier Liquid Metal

Design with Metal Metalier makes metal possible, affordable. Handcrafted by Worldwide Teams, unique aesthetics .

Nebula Liquid Metal Finish

Nebula Liquid Metal: a new finish combining Metalier metal, artistry and exclusive patinas .

Textured liquid metal: subtle or dramatic

Textured liquid metal: subtle or dramatic

Liquid metal colour range

Metalier's liquid metal colour range contains standard and bespoke metals

Metalier is a light metal coating. It is lighter on MDF than on the same thickness of sheet metal.

Use a lightweight liquid metal to save weight and for ease of installation.

Exterior metal coating | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Liquid Metal is an exterior metal coating.

Water-based Liquid Metal

Water-based Liquid Metal

Michael Graves Metal Design | A tribute

Michael Graves metal design included the Alessi whistling teakettle and peppergrinder.