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It doesn't matter what movie it is, when I see this logo and hear their theme music, I immediately think, "Yay! Harry Potter!!" (I am often disappointed.)

Expanding their longterm, lucrative partnership on the Harry Potter franchise, Warner Bros and author J. Rowling are putting a new film series in the works.

CNN logo: Peek-a-Boo I see you...OPEN HOUSE...Breaking & Entering News Cam...Lily Home Heater...tainting food with chemical toxins...confusing Dave Beckmann & Ben Beckmann w/ hostage.  Bad move to confuse the two...tag you're it...caught. Dave's portfolio is/was NEVER CNN. Is portfolio of Liz Beckmann Mohn & Ben Beckmann Dillinger. Black impersonating white with intent to harm. Where are the safety adults  'police'? They have disappeared.  Black felons running wild in my apartment.

CNN is the original cable news network that first hit American TV markets. It was also the first news network and the first TV network solely dedicated to news, increasing the expectations for other networks on the TV news market.

tiffany and co. monogram.

Creating a mark for Tiffany was an interesting challenge: to design a monogram that could be small enough for the winder of a man’s watch, or large enough for a construction shed. Work of Louise Fili.