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Attack on Titan - Marco and Jean

Jean Kirstein and Marco Bott. Oh jean and his horse face. {attack on titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin}

Attack on Titan - Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Marco, Annie, Berthold, Reiner, Ymir…

:*( this makes me sad because none of them are ever this happy *sob* Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) especially marco since he's dead…. (goes into the conner) i have no reason to live without Marco….

Attack on Titan

What movie would you see? Would you see a action movie with Eren Armin and Mikasa,a drama with Hanjii Levi and Erwin,a love movie with Riener Bertholdt and Annie or a horror movie with Sasha Ymir and Krista? I would see a action movie.

Attack on Titan ~~ If they met in the Great Beyond... :: Marco awaiting Jean…

Attack on Titan ~~ If they met in the Great Beyond. Petra awaiting Levi :::: I'd love to see some fanart for Hannah and Franz this way, too.but I don't ship Petra and Levi at all. Levi x Eren forever

I'm dead

Attack on Titan . Note that even in death, Marco is still taller than Jean.<<Note that even in death, Marco is taller than Levi.

Jean x Marco

I know it's not levi and eren but I ship them soo much. I am hurt. Jean x Marco. I am so depressed now. So done with everything. Can't stop the tears. Pardon my language, but fucking damn.