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Chicken feeder/composter. The larva grow in the compost inside, are naturally inclined to crawl up the ramp when big enough, and fall into the trough for the chickens to eat. Awesomeness I must build!

A great DIY Black Soldier Fly composter. The Larvae eat ANY kitchen scraps and, when mature enough, crawl out to feed the chickens. The best way to compost waste in my opinion. look at how happy those chickens are!

19 Jokes Only “The Fault In Our Stars” Fans Will Understand…

19 Jokes Only “The Fault In Our Stars” Fans Will Understand… you also must watch or read the book once u do u will understand. See I may have watched and read the book and movie a little over 5 times. This pin is too funny 😂

How to build an earthbag dome

How to build an earthbag dome house. Can you imagine if this was your playhouse? Or your storage shed? Earthbag houses are so stable, efficient, and cheap to build that relief workers build them in all sorts of areas where people need shelter in a hurry

LOL! A diy hot tub? Am I the only one who thinks this should have the words, "You might be a redneck..." somewhere on the picture?

DIY: Make Your Own Hot Tub How to build your own wood-fired hot tub.It’s not the easiest job, but building your own wood-fired hot tub can save you thousands of dollars if you’re willing to dig a hole and learn some basic concrete skills.

Turn waste paper that can't be recycled into biomass briquettes for woodstoves. #diy #reuse

Sure, you could cut wood, but these plans for DIY biomass briquettes, presses, logs and more let you heat and cook with waste.