Silhouettes that Open Visual Portals by Nacho Ormaechea

Silhouettes that Open Visual Portals by Nacho Ormaechea street photography silhouettes

DIGITAL COLLAGE - Nacho Ormaechea is a Spanish graphic designer and visual artist who is living and working in Paris. Nacho Ormaechea’s conceptual artworks are influenced by the impressions of urban landscapes, life, and people. These images are part of a digital collage series of human silhouettes filled with visually contrasting and colorful photographs.

the Spanish photographer Nacho Ormaechea, Mixing two moods, two worlds, in one photograph with a game of shadow and silhouettes

Collages by Nacho Ormaechea {Part 2}

Nacho Ormaechea is an artist and graphic designer located in Paris. Below is his statement about his project "Le Carnet Noir" (Eng: The Black Book, in reference

Nacho Ormaechea

The Street Memories series of Paris-based art director and graphic designer Nacho Ormaechea makes us think twice with these great photo collages of random people on the streets of Paris.

Nacho Ormaechea

♥♥ Silhouettes that Open Visual Portals: Spanish artist Nacho Ormaechea who lives and works in Paris creates beautiful digital collages by filling silhouettes of people photographed on the street with visually contradicting images.

I feel like this quite often...

enochliew: “ Le Carnet Noir by Nacho Ormaechea What is her or his story? What about the people they know, the places where they go, their fears and dreams?

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