Photographer Thomas Allen uses cut-outs from old book covers to create a 3D context for the stories

Minnesota-based photographer Thomas Allen turns vintage pulp fiction into pop-up books

Thomas Allen recreates scenes in the style of classic cinema. Cutting books with skill, making appear very vintage and colorful silhouettes which are telling us a story.. Delicatessen!

The amazing cut out book art by Thomas Allen Could be a good book report project

Drawstring_2012 Thomas #Allen

beautiful evidence: new illustrations cut from encyclopedias + primary readers - thomas allen.

Thomas Allen

"Eyre Affair" book art and photography by Thomas Allen [used for cover art on Penguin novel by Jasper Fforde: thomasallenonline.

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30 Bookish Art Projects - From Narrative Paper Scenes to Geeky Textbook Art…


Beautiful Evidence: New Illustrations Cut from Encyclopedias and Primary Readers by Thomas Allen pop ups illustration books

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