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Michelle Mellsop
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DIY Makeup Organizers | Short on drawer and counter space? Mount mason jars on a board on the wall to holder makeup brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

Put your makeup, hair ties and beauty products in cute DIY makeup organizers so your bathroom countertops stay clutter-free. We show you easy and simple DIY ideas to use mason jars, clear containers and a rolling vanity to store your makeup items.

Cute nail design for kids... #cupcake #naildesigns #kids Discover and share your nail design ideas on www.popmiss.com/nail-designs/

Image viaCupcake birthday cake nail art in beautiful blue pink and bright colors.Image viaHave all the cake you want! Its your Birthday! Birthday Cake nail tutorial on youtu

Foxy Nails! See more nail inspirations on bellashoot.com or click image

Super cute nails inspired by Mr. The classic colour of orange on white makes the design look so great. It is creative how they show both the tail and head of the fox with its paw prints ;