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Sea Sparkles are lighting up the River Derwent in Tasmania. The phytoplankton glow blue and put on a show for photographers. Image: Matt Holz.

'Sea Sparkles' put on sensational light show in southern Tasmania - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

5 things that are rare and cool in Tasmania

5 things that are rare and cool in Tasmania. Australia’s smallest state astounds with big zingers that will cause some double-takes.

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So, sooo cute and beautiful. x.

The Silky Anteater, or Pygmy Anteater, (Cyclopes didactylus) is a species of anteaters from Central and South America

String Of Pearls Plant - Tips For Growing A Rosary String Of Beads Plant

A hanging plant! - If you’re looking for an easy succulent to grow indoors, opt for the string of beads plant. In addition to its carefree growth habit, this houseplant can provide a unique focal point in the home. Read more here.