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Finally, A More Exciting Design For Wind Power- a new turbine design called the Windstrument. They’re hailing the product as "a truly affordable wind energy system,” that’s "quiet and powerful, bird safe, and scalable.

Dos Equis Dishes Up Bird Gizzard Tacos To The Interesting

The premium Mexican beer is celebrating the 150th Cinco de Mayo by once again sending taco trucks to U.S. cities. These are not ordinary tacos, though.

Dumping China for American job shops - Energie - Geothermal Energy

Dumping China for American job shops

Small businesses, eager to control quality and costs, are increasingly shifting orders away from Chinese factories to American manufacturers, instead.

Green Energy And Climate Change. Making the decision to go eco-friendly by changing over to solar panel technology is probably a good one. Solar energy is now becoming viewed as a solution to the worlds power demands.

Australian develops diminutive wind turbine for household energy

Generally speaking, wind turbines have been reserved for more macro-scale operations, but a West Australian inventor "believes he has developed a way to generate electricity for homes using wind power." This residential approach utilizes a modular turbine that is minuscule enough to perch atop nearly any roof without causing too much unsightliness, and can create power for the house to consume as the wind pushes its blades. Additionally, Graeme Attey suggests that solar panels could be used…

 Solar Energy Tips To Help You Go Green. If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, solar energy is the way to go. Solar energy lets you get energy from the sun. Read on and lear

Cardboard Savonius Wind Turbine

Cardboard Savonius Wind Turbine: Goal: build a Savonius wind turbine made out of cardboard to see whatworks. This is for the turbine only and not the generator itself. The main photo you see is the goal.The need for a working model grew out of frustration trying tojury-rig variou…

Go Green 4 Health. Good Tips On How To Take Advantage Of Solar Energy. Solar power has been around for a while and the popularity of this energy source increases with each year. Solar energy is great for commercial and residen

Simple Backyard Wind Turbine

Simple Backyard Wind Turbine: Want to generate your own power? Want to do it easily? Tired of "how to" wind turbine searches that end up not showing you how to actually build one? We are!!!Here is a simple wind turbine that generates over 12 volts. Most of the parts can be bough…

The concept of solar generated energy has the kind of truths behind it that would make the vast majority of advertising executives salivate. Firstly, the environmental considerations of using solar energy are huge.

How I made my first pvc wind turbine

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Backyard Wind Energy,, tall,, I wonder if I could get away with this here…

Backyard Wind Energy

As my airplane circled over Amsterdam, one of the most notable aspects of the landscape below was the number of modernized windmills dotting the fields. So

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SkyWind ist die erste geprüfte Windkraftanlage für Jedermann

Patentierter Metallrotor aus Deutschland beweist Leistungsfähigkeit

C-Rotor VAWT - Google Search

C-Rotor VAWT - Google Search

LE Solar LED Wall Light, Motion Sensor Waterproof Wireless Night Light, Outdoor 16 LEDs Security Light for Entrance/Pathways/Driveway/Garden/Deck/Yard, Pack of 4 Units

A 3D Printed Wind Turbine -Part 1- Two Years on the Fence — -Kansas City Kit Company-

For two years a 3D Printed axial wind turbine has been happily freewheeling on the fence outside Hammerspace. We call it our Whirlygig, and the constant Missouri wind really gets it going. Now it’s time to turn our whirlygig into a source of electrical power!

It's a vision of a magnetically levitated wind turbine that can generate one gigawatt of power (enough to power homes). This is the device proposed by a new Arizona-based company, MagLev Wind Turbine Technologies. The company claims that it can

SheerWind's INVELOX Wind Turbine Can Generate 600% More Energy Than Conventional Turbines

SheerWind, a US wind energy company, has announced that their innovative INVELOX tunnel-based wind turbine system has proven that it is capable of producing 600% more power than traditional wind turbines.

turbine is made by cutting apart PVC pipes so that the halves are .

DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Here at EcoRenovator, we definitely think that DIY is where it's at. So it goes without saying that we jumped when we say this very cool DIY vertical axis wind

 Going Green With Your Own Energy Resources. Living a greener life is becoming a popular trend these days, and it's easy to see why. Using green energy saves plenty of money as it helps the environmen

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: Wind Turbines are an effective way of harnessing energy from a natural source. Many companies are looking into 'green' energy alternatives as the price and cost to the environment of fossil fuels rise. We are a team of second year Product Design E…

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Nheowind wind turbine 50 with Power One Inverter

Nheowind wind turbine 3D 50 (2KW) with Power One Inverter

Nheowind wind turbine 3D 50 (2KW) French company N heolis has achieved a technological breakthrough thanks to scientific partnerships with internationally renown research centres : the French National Aerospace Research Centre ( ONERA ) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research ( CNRS ). N heolis ´ patented technology essentially capitalizes on Bernoulli´s Principle which governs the conservation of energy in fluid dynamics. Thanks to a revolutionary design and optimized…