Milli Laurenson

Milli Laurenson

Milli Laurenson
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Candle lights abound, jasmine scent the evening air, sounds of water and music. Dinner was exquisite, now for slow dancing in the courtyard.

Pergola/privacy screen made using decorative screens. These are QAQ Decorative Screens & Panel's 'Babylon' design.

Decorative screens are a practical way to service a number of landscaping needs; from art statement to pergola cover, Australian-made decorative screens from Moodie will meet any project requirement.

succulent my climate it would be hen and chicks and sedum

Garden is an important place making you relaxed, comfortable and offering a chance to to stay close the nature. You’re lucky if you already have such a wonderful oasis near the house. But even if you did not have a large enough space, you still have the o