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Why Are YouTubers Putting 100 Layers Of Make-Up On Their Faces?

"By layer 70 I could hardly breathe. My nose was filling with foundation. Was I suffocating slowly?

I hope the foxes having lots of sex in our back yard have babies...

Russian mining engineer Ivan Kislov works in the remote north-eastern Chukotka region in the Arctic Circle, where the climate is characterized by long, col

Glass Carton for Milk & Cream

- It looks exactly like a milk carton but it is made of glass! - Glass Milk Carton Creamer brings funkiness to any style decor. - Everyone will get confused about how a milk carton can be made of glas

Pillow /

Polka-Dotted Pillow, from anthropologie but easy to make yourself with fabric paint or embroidery

My hairspiration.

After watching the film "Who framed Roger Rabbit" I wanted to draw Jessica, hope u like it reference: [link] Jessica Rabbit

As Jasmine: | Nicolas Cage As Your Favorite Disney Princesses

Nicolas Cage As Your Favorite Disney Princesses - Yessir! After yesterday's Grumpy Cat takes over Disney. We've something even better, today. Yep, it's Nicolas Cage As Your Favorite Disney Princesses.

more simple stuff

Funky coat completes the outfit. And the oversized clutch mimics the oversized pockets. I have a leather clutch hand-me-down very similar in size.

Cactus Terrarium

When I was a little girl, I used to be quite taken with those miniature green houses to keep cacti in. I had several in my room at my dad’s apartment and I lovingly tended to them.

Floral Rush Bikini #Anthropologie #swimwear #bikini #summer

swimwear bikini flowers style retro highwaist pink rose swimwaer style high wasted reversible bikini high waisted bikini floral pink bikini pink floral bikini two-piece bandeau swimsuit two-piece pale pink