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Bahco Folding Pruning Saw. Safety lock for the folding blade. Compact design with ergo-comfort handle provides for a perfect grip. Hardened teeth for extra durability. The blade is made of heavy gauge steel. Faster than the conventional pruning saws. Garden Tools, Blade, Compact, Teeth, Safety, Handle, Products, Design, Folding Knives

Bahco Pruning Saw 320mm Orange, Black and silver

Folding blade with locking mechanism. Double edge teeth.

HACKSAW Orange, Tools, Black, Black People, Appliance, Vehicles

Bahco HACKSAW 300mm Orange and Black

Hi-vis Hacksaw.

HACKSAW PRO Tools, Appliance, Vehicles

Bahco HACKSAW PRO 300mm


Plaster Saw Bahco Black, Orange and Silver Plaster, Tools, Orange, Silver, Black, Plastering, Black People, Appliance, Money

Bahco Plaster Saw Bahco 24in Black, Orange and Silver

Screwed 2 component handle.

Junior Hacksaw with Steel Wire Frame Wire Frame, Steel, Tools, Mini, Appliance, Iron, Vehicles

Bahco Junior Hacksaw with Steel Wire Frame

Junior hacksaw with steel wire frame 235mm. Small hacksaw frame for universal use. Complete with 150mm (6 inch) 32 TPI metal cutting blade.

Superior Interchangeable Handsaw Blade Blade, Handle, Tools, Appliance, Llamas, Hardware Pulls, Vehicles

Bahco Superior Interchangeable Handsaw Blade

Handle sold separately.

Superior Economic Blade Handsaw Blade, Tools, Medium, Storage, Purse Storage, Store, Appliance, Llamas, Storage Room

Bahco Superior Economic Blade Handsaw

Medium. Right hand. Blade sold separately.

Right Hand Handsaw Handle Handle, Tools, Appliance, Hardware Pulls, Vehicles

Bahco Right Hand Handsaw Handle


Prize Cut Concrete Handsaw Concrete, Personal Care, Tools, Self Care, Personal Hygiene, Appliance, Vehicles

Bahco Prize Cut Concrete Handsaw


Bowsaw Lame, How To Make, Tools, Products, Oval Frame, Work Surface, Appliance, Gadget, Vehicles

Bahco Sandvik Bowsaw 530mm

The pointed nose makes the saw ideal for use in tight spaces.

Hacksaw Mini MINI 24T 208 Mini Mini, Garden Tools, Metal, Outdoor, Outdoors, Yard Tools, Metals, Outdoor Power Equipment, The Great Outdoors

Bahco Mini Hacksaw 250mm

For difficult-to-reach positions or access areas. Supplied with a 250mm (10 inch) Sandflex 24 TPI bi-metal blade. Diecast frame for durability.

300MM COMPASS SAW Compass, Tools, Orange, Silver, Appliance, Money, Vehicles

Bahco 300MM COMPASS SAW 300mm Orange and Silver

Compass saw with excellent one-piece plastic grip to let you cut smoothly with minimal effort on your part. The cutting edge teeth is apt for cutting anything composed of wood or plastic with crisp sharpness. Bring home this perfect tool and set aside your worries for cutting any consolidated hard object.

Profcut Mini Hacksaw Orange and Silver Tools, Orange, Mini, Silver, Appliance, Money, Vehicles

Bahco Profcut Mini Hacksaw 6in Orange and Silver

Junior Hacksaw.

Bahco Second Cut Round Metal file Lime, Filing, Home And Garden, Tools, Metal, Orange, Grey, Black, Products

Bahco File Slim Taper 127mm Grey, Orange and Black

6 inch extra slim taper file 2nd cut.