Casual and comfortable

Spring / Summer - casual style - light gray cardigan + round neck white t-shirt + brown belt + distressed jeans + light brown or gray suede oxfords. menswear, men's fashion and style

just right low key

Nude one piece Suit (light material of linen), medium brown cardigan sweater with matching pocket square, belt and collar less white casual shirt.

Gerard Butler  (gasp)

Gerard Butler ummm jdjajbdjjidbwwid ok what was I saying?like a Greek god come to life

Hugh Jackman

Top 10 sexiest 40+ male celebs - part 1

Image Collection Masculine vs Feminine Men with masculine faces Hugh Jackman is always masculine no matter how long or short his beard is.

Sexy Gerard Butler Photos | Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Dracula 2000 Not quite Gabriel Black and Satan, his Chesapeake Bay…

Henry Cavill

Zack Snyder takes off Superman’s underwear in ‘Man of Steel’

Superman Man of Steel set photos of costume. New set photos of Superman's new costume in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill.