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I wonder if this doggy is real? Previous pinner says, "Fuzzy Muppet Puppy." It was saved under a dog toy hub board (leading me to think it is a toy). It's very difficult to tell if it's real or not, as it's very life-like, even with the rounded, teddy-bear ears. He's actually too cute to be real!

Previous pinner says, "Fuzzy Muppet Puppy. Makes me wonder.Is this a real dog or not? He's too cute to be real, isn't he?

Cute cute cute

sweetest french bulldog puppy on earth [I know who it's a Cat Board but thats so cute, I no have words] Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee

borkie! (bichon and yorkie mix) this is the same dog I have but a lighter brown

The cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise, Yorkie Bichon, is a designer dog known for their cute looks and low maintenance costs. This toy dog,