value, rhythm, balance, love

Peace Aotearoa Element: line, color, shape, space, text Principles: proportion

unity, story telling, emphasis, balance

-size -shape -form -value -proportion -colour -contrast -space

repetition, foreshadow, balance, rhythm

'Your plan for total life dominance' (acrylic on black notturno paper) by Nigel Brown. principle are composition, variety, balance

colorful, rhythm, balance, contrast

'Queenstown' by Nigel Brown Elements: line, colour Balance: balance, pattern, contrast

contrast between black and white, rhythm

Nigel Brown The Black Singlet Silkscreen after woodcut 700 x

emphasis, balance, rhythm

i see symmetry, patterns brought to life and value, i also see `unity and pops of colour everywhere.

symmetry, color, rhythm, patterns

Nigel Brown Pacific Solar Colour woodcut 700 x Elements: line, color, shape, space Principles: symmetrical balance, pattern and repetition

some symmetry, balance, rhythm, colorful

orange, black, purple, green and peach all blended into this amazing contrasted art work.

balance, colorful, contrast

i see rhythm repitition. variety, unity and balance.

rhythm, balance, unity, repetition

pattern, unity, balance and colour.