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White Birch wall cat tree I like this item because it natural looking and brings something unexpected. I have two cats so I would like something comfortable/attractive for them to lounge on.

(diy) shiitake cat tree by happiestcat. Saved by

(diy) shiitake cat tree by happiestcat on Etsy…great esthetic design…wonder if Fluffy would like it?


A cat sitting on a ladder while yawning with its mouth wide open.

my cat climbed the ladder when I was painting my living room then sat on the shelf attached to the ladder.

CAT -LADDERS: Stockholm. Great garden room or catio design. #cats #catio #CatStairs

Great garden room or catio design. Could even plant pretty vines on the trellace. Gives your cat privacy and hides stairs and gives cat bugs to hunt in the ivy.


CAT -LADDERS: Fun steps for enclosed catio or indoor garden room.

Another Cat Tree!!

this is an awesome catch scratch resting post! sure its for a bird, but what a great idea for a natural cat rest.

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santa fe style - a feeling over and over again that what you are seeing is art - El Gato, Old Town Albuquerque