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How to Make a Chinese Dragon for a Parade thumbnail

How to Make a Chinese Dragon for a Parade. If you are passionate about the giant, colorful decorations and animals on display at a Chinese New Year parade, consider creating your own dragon to be toted around and animated by a group of family or friends.

Dragons - simple, everyday materials to make different sorts of dragons.

Chinese culture is rich and beautiful, yet very far away. Bring home the Chinese New Year with cultural crafts for kids like this creative Chinese Flying Dragon Marionette. The colorful flying dragon makes for visually impressive paper crafts.

Oil and food coloring on top of water -- cool.

Oil and Water painting craft. water in a pan. Mix food coloring in with oil in little jars. Eye drop oil into pan and swirl into a design. Lay white paper gently over it. When oil starts to appear on the back of the paper remove gently and let dry.