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Words do hurt, and they do stay, especially when you have been told them for so many years that it's all you've ever known.

They're still printed here within my mind, so please do make sure you're aware I carry pain everywhere I go -*Fe*

I'm not enough. I am a whole lot of amazing and give all of me, I try to be beautiful enough and show so much love but eventually I'm never enough.

There are so many young girls influenced by the media and society, and in this day and age, the media and society portray everyone who isn’t under 100 pounds to be fat. Since when do you need layers of makeup covering every single flaw to be beautiful?

This is what it looks like when you know you're broken, but must hide this fact to protect your career and the judgements of those you work with. Hiding is a very temporary solution to this very hard problem.

Conversion Disorder - A rare somatoform disorder in which a person experiences very specific genuine physical symptoms for which no physiological basis can be found.