The seven-minute body-changing workout

Body Sculpting: Beginner **Must be a Weight Watchers online member to see content.

Healthy heart habits

Seven-Day or Four-Week Detox Diet Plan with Supplements and Testing from Create Total Wellness (Up to Off)

Why you should walk before you run

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Strength training tips for beginners

13 secrets to a better workout. Exercise faster, smarter, and more comfortably with this round up of tips from the latest studies

What’s your body trying to tell you?

CHOCOLATE TOOTHPASTE: "The results showed that patients who brushed their teeth with the cacao-extract toothpaste twice a day for one week had percent dental occlusion” with their tooth dentin becoming re-mineralized or repaired.

Ten tips for healthy eyes

Most of the people including men and women, suffer from eye wrinkles; There are many reasons for eye wrinkles to happen such

Five food myths busted

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Beans vs Hot Coffee-Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss

How much water should we really drink?

Tap water in Canada is held to a higher health standard than bottled water. Tap water is under the EPA’s regulations while bottled water is under the FDA’s because it’s considered a food commodity

Headache triggers

If you experience headaches after receiving a massage, you're not alone. Post-massage headaches are not typically serious, but they can be annoying and.