Jo McCallum

Jo McCallum

Part time teacher, Part time artist, Part time eco warrior.
Jo McCallum
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Ondori Play Dress (WW ONLY – 24HR $85AUD) by Black Milk Clothing

Vibrant, fiery tones are the hallmark of this artwork, making it a real statement piece.

Sunny Days Flouncy Dress - PRESALE ($110AUD) by BlackMilk Clothing

As a symbol of cheerfulness and sunshine, you can't get much more appropriate than the humble sunflower. Put this beauty on and watch the smiles light up around you.

Limited Edition Leg Bones Leggings. Visit the website to see our current collection. @janedean

The Queen of Hearts is one of our favourite BlackMilk designs, and we decided it was time to let the old bearded guy get a chance as well.

Pencil Leggings (WW 24HR $75AUD / US – LIMITED $60USD) by Black Milk Clothing

I don't want to draw any conclusions prematurely, but I have a sketch of an idea. I'd like to outline a suggestion that the Pencil print has been created with real flourish, and is gonna be big a deal. I think it'd be wise to draft a

Mr Shark Black HWMF Leggings (WW 2WK $75AUD / US – LIMITED $60USD) by Black Milk Clothing

Sharks are great. Not only can you trace the species back 420 million years, but they can survive in all kinds of oceanic climates all over the world, from shallow coral reefs to depths of up to meters. Some sharks even live fo

Tartan Red Vs Cathedral Inside Out Dress - LIMITED (WW ONLY $170AUD) by Black Milk Clothing

Tartan Red vs Cathedral Inside Out Dress Discontinued/museum piece from Black Milk Clothing! Reversible dress in red tartan and cathedral print. From the more recent release), in absolute perfect condition ❤️👗 Blackmilk Dresses