Shawarma Spiced Lamb Rump with Warm Lentil Salad and Creamy Smoked Eggplant

Like the sound of this yummy Spiced Lamb Rump recipe? My Food Bag will be delivering this very recipe and all of the ingredients required to cook it on the of June – if you live in Sydney or … Continued

Poached Chicken Cucumber Sesame Salad with Hoisin Dressing

Poaching helps prevent meat from drying out - with this recipe for Poached Chicken Cucumber Sesame Salad you will find the meat remains moist and succulent.

Mediterranean Beef Salad with Warm Herb Potatoes

This type of recipe is what I’m into for a simple Summer meal New season baby potatoes, tossed with fresh herbs, lovely beef fillet either cooked in the pan or on the barbeque, a fresh peppery rocket and cherry tomato salad, … Continued

Tandoori chicken salad with masala roast potatoes and yoghurt

Tandoori chicken with masala roast vegetable salad and creamy coriander yoghurt

Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Salad

I picked up this Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Salad recipe in Vietnam and have put my own spin on it, adding rice stick noodles and lots of fresh vegetables.

Marinated Kale, Tomato, Pomegranate Salad

Kale, Tomato, Pomegranate Salad - this is one of the most delicious ways to eat kale. Marinating it helps soften it, making it much more edible when raw.

Asian Avocado, Prawn and Orange Salad

This creamy Asian dressing, flavoured with lemongrass and kaffir lime is incredibly delicious with avocado, orange and prawns.

Chicken, Lentil and Feta Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

This is a simple tasty chicken salad with healthy lentils and a tzatziki dressing flavoured with fresh herbs - delicious!