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and people still hate on the dub even when you have gold like this

APH China English Dub So true china does get some of the best lines <----- Yeahhhh XD. Pretty sure I already posted something like this, but there are more lines this time of these are amazing, I can't believe i forgot "it is a matter of gay or death"

Fangirls and fanboys I present to you: aph China

Ohohohohoho Moral of the story: respect your effin elders

Rope handled canvas tote

A trip to the beach means a strong tote bag big enough to hold lots of gear! This Women's Pattern Rope Handle Tote Bag is cotton canvas with a nylon zippered inside pocket.

A Granny in Sheep's Clothing — Happy 三 三 day - translation

Arthur x - Original Japanese by えのきんぐ on Pixiv - England