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Reclaimed wood cutting board Apple Farm tray on a trunk /

From fenceboards to supersized cutting board tray and then into a table

Loose Fitting Cotton And Linen Long Shirt Blouse for Women Short Sleeved Women Clothing - Women Dress

What a beautiful style, and fabric. Wish I could find interesting patterns like this. --Loose Fitting Cotton And Linen Long Shirt Blouse for Women

Easy+Craft+Ideas+for+Adults | Easy Craft Ideas for Kids and Adults,Enjoy Free Holiday Craft Ideas in ... ...

Today we are going to present the free pattern for Crochet Amineko Cat. Amineko is the name of a cat in the story book. This cat has so much personality.

Lamp with multicolor butterflies "Tutti Frutti XL"

Lamp with multicolor butterflies "Tutti frutti XL" - PROPERTIES: Hanging lamp made of white power cord, golden aluminum wire, golden lamp holder and rosette in white color, and multicolor butterflies made of french vegetal tracing paper.

Cardboard Craft Show Display

carton box and metal clips. great idea for storage in craft room thats both cheap and good for the enviroment and could also be covered to match your decor. off box hunting i go