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If you have livestock, internal worms can easily become a problem. They can cause your animal to have weight loss, low energy, vomiting and other difficulties. You will want to deworm all of your livestock every spring and summer. Whether you have chickens, dogs, pigs, goats or other livestock you want them to enjoy good health for the... Read More

Deworm your livestock starting in spring. Keep your animals healthy. All natural dewormer recipe!

Rock Garden Ideas To Implement In Your Backyard-homesthetics (10)

Rock garden with Creeping thyme, early blue violets, fire witch, pussy toes, and succulents. Early blue violets are great for growing in rock crevices. by leanne

Grape vines trained as an umbrella!

Neat-O! Grape vines trained as an umbrella! Love this idea! Keep those vines up off the ground and make some shade! There are so many vines this could be done with.

Love Goats? This is for you!

Discover Goats Are A Girl's Best Friend Sweatshirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring.

homemade goat milking stand - Google Search

Instead of a milking stand for goats, make something like this for trimming Waffle's feet (add normal tie rail at the top)