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Turkish Gozleme (beef or lamb) {I really want to make these, but they can a bit labor intensive for lazy me, so I looked at a bunch of recipes... this one was the simplest.}

Middle Eastern Recipes- The perfect recipe for a lightly spiced Turkish specialty: Lamb Gozleme. Serve it with a fresh salad and wedges of lemon for a light and tasty meal.

There is a new culture in dating that one must have his or her phone with them at all times. I promise you peeps that not even 10 years ago not everyone carried a cell phone. Put the phone down and learn to really communicate with others. ~Me #phone #dating #datingadvice

Stop trying to portray a life that looks good online and to other people. Live in the moment-play with your kids, talk to your spouse/partner/make memories. Stop obsessing over what you want people to think of your life. It's your life, LIVE IT.