David Levinthal - photographs & stages toys

David Levinthal (b. [Cowboy], 1988 From the Five Trails West series Dye diffusion transfer print © 1988 David Levinthal Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas

"Summer Pudding with Bloodberry Coulis" - lightjet photograph by Jonathan Cameron

New Zealand photographer Jonathan Cameron's series Vamp: High Tea Edition, plays on the idea of pop-culture's obsession with the alluring Vampire figure.

Carla Borer photography

Cara Barer is an internationally recognized Houston based photographer. Cara Barer is well known for her book sculptures, book photography, and paper sculptures.

Sheets by Kija Lucas

I instantly fell in love with Kija Lukas's Sheets series. Her photographs bring to the foreground a hidden life absorbed in everyday objects, while highlig


Vampire High Tea: photos by Jonathan Cameron