Nicola Castrezzati

Nicola Castrezzati

Nicola Castrezzati
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color/tone, texture, food presentation, cutting boards and beautiful silverware/plateare, woods and stained

Welcome to Zavino Wine Bar Pizzeria - food presentation, food photography


I love the decor in this cafe/ bar - particularly the wall lighting, but also the stools and those great little table decorations using old tins and glass jars soften it up a bit - still could use this idea for a home with indoor brick - jc

15th Ave Coffee & Tea's changeable menu board. Love.

This corporation owned store has removed the logo and brand name, added a rustic feel to the interiors and re-designed the space as a local coffee house . The Ave Coffee & Tea store is the first opened eco-friendly ¨un-branded¨ Starbucks in 15152