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I was really good at hopscotch, were you?  Every day at recess we would rush out to the playground and play hopscotch.  We used rocks or coins to toss into the squares that you had to skip.  I like the idea of making a portable mat with the hopscotch outline on it so the kids can play it indoors or out.

Kids Décor Hopscotch Mat A great game to teach co-ordination, balance and counting. Enjoy at home or take to the park, easy to store and pack away. **Features:** * Hessian hopscotch mat * Measures: x **Please note - the bean bag is not included.

home made playdoh .. on the agenda for today because my son has a school prjoect

While feeling ambitious and crafty the other day, I decided to make 15 batches of Homemade Play-Doh full batches for my boys to share.