Hongi is a traditional Maori greeting, which literally means “to share breath”. Hongi is done by pressing one’s nose to the other person when they meet each other. It is believed that when the two noses meet, people exchange their breath and the visitor becomes one of the local people (tangata whenua).

A 3 hour journey into the heart of Maori Culture. The most award-winning Maori culture attraction in New Zealand. Journey with us to the outskirts of Rotorua, to a Maori village nestled in an ancient forest.

Shona Tawhiao - woven flax garments.

Pacific designs showcased

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Journal of the Polynesian Society: The Evolution Of Maori Clothing. Part IX, By Te Rangi Hiroa (P. Buck) P

Tino Glam, Shona Tawhiao (Maori)

Tino Glam, Shona Tawhiao (Maori) “ Tino Glam won the Premier Award and the Obviously Organic category at the 2007 Villa Maria Cult-Couture competition. The bodice is shaped by adding and removing.