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Niamh ☿

Corinthe, Elsweyr / i'm always tired, super grumpy and dislike people alot. i'm pretty darn gay and like bands alot
Niamh ☿
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this is legit one of the Emotional Roadshow concert in 4 small pictures, and I would know, I've been to one.


Some people have been really mean to Sarah Urie and that's really messed up. I understand loving a band member but don't be mean to the people he loves cause you are jealous!

: basically just Twenty Øne Piløts trash with some memes thrown in here and there:. Gullible, but lying's all I've learned, Sø Be Cøncerned :.

Brendon Urie singing to his wife on their wedding day. One of the most romantic things I've ever seen

Glamorous Malibu Wedding: Sarah + Brendon Urie (panic at the disco wedding) [I have to pin this, seeing as how I'm in love with P!atD, but it also shows beautiful floral arrangements and decorations.

The first time I heard the song in a suicide squad trailer I thought the lyrics were " all my friends are dead now thanks to you".<><<<<< i used to love this song but it plays so much now i wanna rip out my fucking hair