Epic Hoarding: “Waste Not” by Song Dong at the Museum of Modern Art

The Waste Not slogan was drummed into the Chinese during the cultural revolution and as a result they never threw anything out

Art is just rubbish! Artist showcases 10,000 items hoarded by his mother over 50 years (including bits of old soap and empty toothpaste tubes)

Chinese artist Song Dong (pictured) has scooped up five decades of his mother's clutter and is showcasing it at a London exhibition called Waste Not.

Marjan Teeuwen

Dutch artist Marian Teeuwen explores the concept of piled spaces using a variety of methods including building, installations and photography


January 24 - Beer Can Appreciation Day. Celebrating the day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans.

The Art of Hoarding... - Blog - D4

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen creates incredible installations from the demolition found in abandoned houses. Using architectural debris from a building


CHINA - Song Dong - sculpture, installations, performance, photography and video - modern China - experience


Epic Hoarding: “Waste Not” by Song Dong at the Museum of Modern Art


I'm not a hoarder. But for those of you who are guilty of hoarding and don't know what to with all that 'stuff' - then take a look at these images.