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7 Things I Wish My Loved Ones Knew About Living With Disabilities | The Mighty. >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of spinal cord injury videos at

A woman with cerebral palsy, PTSD and major depressive disorder lists seven things she wants friends and family to know about living with disabilities.

.We are extremely excited to offer a list like this. We have traveled all over the country and have met some amazing people and amazing organizations. We felt that their had to be a way where these organizations could be recognized. Then we thought, WELL DUH! We have our own blog, let’s do it ourselves! That’s how this idea of creating a killer resource list was born. - See more at:

Smart Apps For Special Needs: Check out this link: 72 killer resources for the special needs community!Tap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

walk-in tub...I don't think it needs to be just for the handicapped or elderly.  I think it's safer than a regular tub (no slipping getting out).

This is a walkin bath tub. It is advertised to the elderly, but it is also very useful for those with disabilities such as lower limb amputee, MS, or any other that may not be able to cross over the regular bathtub barrier. it also has a seat inside.

Revealing Portraits Unveil The Beautifully Sexual Lives Of People Living With Disabilities (NSFW)

These are photos by photographer Oliver Fermariello. Through his artwork, Fermariello refutes the prejudice often lodged against individuals with disabilities, and showcases his models as not only beautifully unique subjects, but as overtly sexual beings.

This is incredible

Worth the long pin. We need more men with hero's hearts, and less boys with "swag". Never leave a man behind. What a hero and great soldier! Thank you sir and God bless

History of Women and Tattoo

Got a Girl Crush On: Elizabeth Weinzirl A doctor’s wife who began getting tattooed at forty-seven, she was one of the first women to collect and show her tattoos recreationally. Read more about the secret history of women and tattoos!