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Try making this healthy bean and pepper salad the next time you need a quick side dish.

Check out a collection of healthy vegetarian recipes submitted by professional and amateur cooks and healthy eating fans (pic: Beans and Red, Orange and Yellow Peppers Salad: Basia Hellwig)

Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Website where you click what you have in your fridge and it gives you recipes. This just blew my mind.

THIS IS AWESOME! "My Fridge Food". Probably the Coolest Thing I've ever seen. A Website where you Click what you have in your Fridge and it gives you Recipes. This just blew my mind. It even shows Calories per serving!

Having fun with the moon…

* TIPS & IDEAS * Ever wonder how creative photographers take shots of the moon? Well, this series of photos should give you an idea, and it involves forced perspective to make the moon seem smaller than it really is.

Music & the sea.

guitar & beach A Beach and the Sun can be harsh on the Guitar. This is what Rick Curtis told me one time when I was playing my guitar on the Ventura Beach Promenade. He told me told me that the sun and the beach is not good for the guitar wood.

Chickpea and Spinach Stew

Chickpea and Spinach Stew. In Seville, chickpeas and spinach (garbanzos con espinacas) is a popular dish served in both fine restaurants and tapas bars. It's simple but incredibly tasty, with plenty of flavor from tomato, raisins and saffron.

Meatless Manicotti | Alida's Kitchen @alidaskitchen

I will use ricotta instead of cottage cheese and plan to freeze these. Easy Meatless Manicotti - Three cheese and spinach filled manicotti .

this would be amazing :) I could not think of a better way to arrive to my wedding....since I'll be walking down the aisle by myself :( IMU daddy! i kind of want a BIG take my mind off being 'alone' on that walk

My cousin and his fiance were married at Disney and the Bride came in this carriage. It was during the day but still very PRINCESS LIKE AND ALL! awesome pictures too with the carriage.

Beautiful backless lace wedding dress. wedding-dresses

This is my dream dress! In general I love the simple-elegance of lace and the more fitted dress style. But I specifically like the back of the dress and how the lace drapes out- and love the flower hairpin!