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Cardiomyopathy Types Mnemonics Cheat Sheets for Nursing Students - StudyPK

Cardiomyopathy Types Mnemonics Cheat Sheets for Nursing Students #Nursing #Cardiomyopathies dilated cardiomyopathy causes mnemonic The term “cardiomyopathy” refers to “cardio” (heart), “myo” (muscle), “pathy” (disease of). A dilated cardiomyopathy results in left ventricular chamber enlargement, systolic dysfunction and clinical manifestations of congestive heart failure. Dilated Hearts End In Terrible Infiltration. Dietary – beri-beri (thiamine deficiency)

Bipolar Disorder(Infograph)

Learn about bipolar disorder. It's symptom and it's treatment in this infographic.

How to Interpret an ECG in Seven Steps | Online Medical Library

Learn the seven steps to interpret an ECG with help of an analysis algorithm and test your knowledge by taking the ECG quiz. Heart rate ✓, heart rhythm ✓, electrical heart axis ✓, the pr interval ✓, repolarization ✓. Read more here!

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): Symptoms, Stages, Life Expectancy

Congestive Heart Failure: Prognosis and 5 Simple Steps to Improve Life Expectancy. Learn about Symptoms, Stages and Alternative Treatment Options

Today's Essential Teaching Image: Cardiac Tamponade -

Today’s teaching image and Rapid Review covers cardiac tamponade. Pericardial Tamponade Patient will be complaining of dyspnea and chest pain PE will show muffled heart sounds, JVD and hypotension (Beck’s triad), pulsus paradoxus ECG will show low voltage QRS, electrical alterans Echocardiography will show diastolic collapse of RV Treatment is pericardiocentesis For more teaching images, try read more...

GCS Scoring -

Thousands of Questions for EMR, EMT, AEMT and Paramedics. Fresh 2018 test banks and Study Resources! Pass the National Registry on the first try!

Types of Immune System Cells and Their Functions

Immune system cells are the building blocks of your body's built-in protection system. Learning about them is the first step to keeping it in tip top shape. - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free.

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Ebstein Anomaly

Rosh Review's high-quality pediatric board review questions are just like you'll see on the actual exam. Try for free!

cardiac-tamponade - Liberal Dictionary

noun Pathology. tamponade(def 2). noun Medicine/Medical. the use of a tampon, as to stop a hemorrhage. Also called cardiac tamponade, heart tamponade. Pathology. a condition in which the heart is comp

Mechanical Ventilation Troubleshooting: Overview and Practice Questions

This guide provides an overview of Mechanical Ventilation Troubleshooting and has practice questions on dealing with ventilator alarms and common problems.