Circus ring - now this would make an amazing party venue or better yet a wedding #FredericClad

Martin Höhlig, Sarrasani Circus using the center pole to create a tent- audience in the roung

I'd love to see any cirque du soleil show. I may have to break my "never go to Vegas" pledge for this...

Cirque Du Soleil - Kurios: A Must See Experience

Bayarma Zodboeva, Imin Tsydendambaeva, Lilia Zhambalova and Ayagma Tsybenova portray sea creatures in a contortion-balancing act in Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios — Cabinet of Curiosities” Photo: Martin Girard / ONLINE_YES

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The Circus Ship - Chris Van Dusen - A Maine Author. The illustrations are amazing, based on a true story.

Vladimir Lebedev, The Circus: Beautiful Miss Jenny, 1928

Romuald Socha , 1974 Waldemar Swierzy , 1969 Eileen Mayo, The children's circus book , thanks to The Visual Telling of .

Rudolf Kalvach (Austrian, 1883–1932). Clown, 1907. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Museum Accession, transferred from the Library.(WW.94)

Clown Humorous Postcard Postcard from the Viennese Werkstaette Number 94 Colour Lithography by Kalvach Rudolf [Clown Humoristische Karte.

russian matchbox label by maraid, via Flickr

vintage matchbox label: vintage matchbox label> this pin reminds me of my niece who does amazing circus tricks to keep fit !