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RECIPE: Nutritious and Tasty Brazil Nut Milk

Brazil nut milk is easy and cheap to make & has many health benefits. Brazil nut milk has more protein, calcium & unsaturated fats than regular cow's milk.

RECIPE: Mediterranean Martini (alcohol free optional)

We think this Mediterranean martini with tomato, cucumber and basil is just what we all need on this grey Friday evening - drink responsibly and have some with our Mediterannean bites

RECIPE: Cajun Pork Ribs and Southern Rice Pilaf

Take a trip to the Deep South with me, put on some southern New Orleans blues music and cook up out this lip smacking cajun pork ribs and Southern rice pilaf.

RECIPE: Spring Filo Quiche & Fresh Pickle Salad

This recipe is picnic perfect asparagus filo quiches and a fresh pickled yellow beetroot, asparagus and dill salad.

RECIPE: Cashew Cream & Beetroot Truffle Raw Tart

This Cashew Cream & Beetroot Truffle Raw Tart is inspired by the NOM NOM Green Tea, Beetroot & Chocolate Raw Truffle recipe. It is an easy & healthy recipe.

RECIPE: Green Tea, Beetroot and Chocolate Raw Truffles

These delicious Green Tea, Beetroot and Chocolate Raw Truffles will sweeten your a day. And Beetroot will change how you think of chocolate raw truffles.

RECIPE: The Best Flourless Chocolate Brownie

This flourless chocolate brownie recipe is from Allegra McEvedy. She calls it the best chocolate brownie recipe in the world & I definitely have to agree.

ULTIMATE TOMATO SAUCE: Saucy Desert Island Dreams

Tomato sauce is arguably the most important foundation of most cuisines. As such it is a fiercely debated topic of how to make the best tomato sauce.

RECIPE: Moroccan Chickpea Pie

This Moroccan chickpea pie is by no means traditional – as I just made it up as I went along. But the inspiration is certainly firmly rooted in the culture and back alleys of Marrakesh.

VEGAN WHIPPED CREAM: An Amazing Technique Using Linseeds

Flaxseed Cream - This vegan whipped cream, meringue or whipped egg whites is truly an amazing technique to learn for all kinds of cooking. Use this is place of whipped egg.

CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS: Giving the Time of Day to Your Veges

CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS: Giving the Time of Day to Your Veges