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The relation with transcendence is certainly a necessity for us, but gives us no power over it. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 367-368 (Art by Antonio Mora)

I really like this spiral because the water ripples stand out and the black hole in the middle seems to bring all the ripples together into a center.

Surreal Portraits Blend Mystical Landscapes with Reality - My Modern Metropolis. Antonio Mora photog.

Today I present you the creations of Spanish artist Antonio Mora, who for his "Dream Portraits" project, creates some amazing and fascinating surreal portraits conceptart concept photography animations scifi steampunk steam punk purse fashion yolo bonetech3d cgi landscapes scenery digital anime mech enviroment hororror character concepts daz3d genesis aniblocks motionbuilder bvh fbx ikenema animate blender dubstep california

red-lipstick: “ Elena Kulikova - Eye See Face Melt 2 Face Melt 4 Eye Am We Yawn I Am You Compound Eyes See Her Beauty Multiply Photography ”

Keep movin :b

It's an amazing image of a girl in motion, the colour theme is very bright and striking. [Documenting in Colour] [Multiple Images]

Paul F. Berdanier (1879-1961) etching, dry point A range of etching is used mainly hatching to create the atmosphere and cross hatching for the gentlemens body .

Berdanier etching, dry point There are lots of crosshatch to create the darker areas and the background has straight scratches coming down like the rain falling from the sky.