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Andrea Mantegna painted the fresco during the century at the the Eremitani Church in Padua, a city in northern Italy. But it was destroyed by a bombing raid in Its virtual reconstruction can be seen in this image.

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Andrea Mantegna ( c. 1431 – September Saint James Led to Execution, Ovetari Chapel, Eremitani Church, Padua,

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Religion/ The Adoration of the Shepherds Artist: Andrea Mantegna (Italian, Isola di Carturo Mantua) Date: shortly after 1450 Medium: Tempera on canvas, transferred from wood

Andrea Mantegna 054 - Camera degli Sposi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andrea Mantegna, Camera Picta o Camera degli Sposi,

Camera Picta north wall - Google Search

Andrea Mantegna, The Court, Camera degli Sposi, c Palazzo Ducale, Mantua

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