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Commercial tomato growers use the string method to train their tomatoes. It takes less space is healthier for the tomato and easy for the home grower too.

A Freestanding Tomato Trellis Improves Yields and Keeps the Garden Neat. Read how to add this freestanding-tomato-trellis-improves-yields-and-keeps-the-garden-neat

Atomic Era Art Shower Curtain for

Create the bathroom of your dreams with a unique shower curtain. Shop our wide variety of shower curtains from vintage to modern designs, or create your own.

Free Adjustable Unisex Apron Tutorial

Here are the best free Apron Sewing Patterns to teach you how to make an apron -- which is something that I LOVE to do when the weather gets cooler; it also makes a great DIY craft idea for me and my daughter to do together! Many types of aprons are inclu

Swirling Flamingos in TWO lively and distinctive shades of pink! Flamingo pink (the favorite) Pastel pink (the softer shade)  The Pink Flamingo is easily recognizable and a perennial charmer. Sure to attract attention in your garden with their kinetic movement. They swirl around and bob up and down with the slightest breeze.  VIEW OUR VIDEOS on YouTube: JB Brown and co  Swirling Flamingos are artfully hand-crafted with our clean and simple original design. (with an ode to the famous 50s…

SET of 2 PINK Flamingo Swirling Birds. A special offer! They swirl and bob up and down with the slightest breeze.