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Florette Cardon
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london traffic / peter donnelly

Rush hour might be a whole lot more appealing if it looked anything like this London Traffic print from Peter Donnelly Illustration. The print has a great style, and shows the famous black cabs

My moma used to sing this song to me all the time.just the 'you can't always get what you want' part.ALL the time!

Finding Nemo

LOL how is it that a small, seemingly inconsequential and non-relevant scene from a Disney movie, albeit one of its most successful movies EVER, has become one of the most popular and inspirational life quotes?

Rest Group, Identity © Павел Емельянов

"Rest Group, Identity © Павел Емельянов" - not fond of the logo, but the overall identity is interesting


(̏◕◊◕)̋ Great color palette! I'm looking for colors that work with a light teal. antiqued brick red is nice option! Minor Door (by Brian JC Osborne)