IT IS A TIME FOR FRUITFULNESS I recently felt the Holy Spirit speak to me that it is time for His people to be fruitful - to produce that thirty, sixty, even hundred-fold crop that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13. But there is only one place that the seed of God's Word can produce that kind of harvest - and that's in a heart that has 'good soil.' Read this week's blog to discover what Jesus taught characterised good soil.

Matthew The Message, the parable of the sower

WILL WE BE BRAVE Often when we are transitioning into new things, past fears and experiences can resurface to try and dissuade us from what God has for us. But God doesn't want our past to contain us - He wants His presence and His promises to propel us forward. Will we be brave and believe that He is able to lead us into something new? Read more here - Joshua 3:5, Joshua 1:9

Will we be Brave?

Join Karen on the blog as she shares how God's been using the gym to help her confront past fears and disappointments - reminding her that sometimes we have to face and go through things that took us out in the past before we are able to re-focus and press on towards the goal.

​I joined a Gym for the first time this February - I’d always believed I wasn’t good enough to attend one before! But this year God has been speaking to me about my goals and focus;

We can feel overwhelmed with the pressures of life as a new year approaches - but what if we could hear that word used in a phrase with a different context? What if we were to say, 'I feel overwhelmed at the provision of God?'

We can feel overwhelmed with the pressures of life as a new year approaches - but what if we could hear that word used in a phrase with a different context? What if we were to say, 'I feel overwhelmed at the provision of God?

WHEN I MET GRACE Can I just tell you - I used to think that I was good, I mean really good. So good that even though I loved Jesus, the cross was a stumbling block to me. That was until God allowed a broken and hurting little boy to enter my home and my heart, to show me just how broken - how far from good - I really was. This is my story of when I met grace and finally understood the beauty of the cross. Read it here -

When I met grace.

When Jesus found Himself being tempted in the desert, His first response was "The Scriptures say..." We too need to frame our lives with the Word of God so that we can live with wisdom, recognising the different seasons of our lives. Read more here -

My Strategy for Jigsaw Puzzles.

Moving from discontent to deeply satisfied - read how in The W.I.T.T.Y Principle

Baker holding a loaf of bread on rustic background by Melpomenem IFTTT cutting board background bake baked baker bakery baking board bread brown country dark

Hide and seek - Join Aimee on the blog as she shares why when we hide, God seeks.

Hide and Seek

NEW ON THE BLOG - WAITING AND FRETTING  Have you ever found yourself in a season of waiting - a time where your desires seem to be more of a source of frustration than expectation?  In Psalm 37, David offers us this wisdom:  Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him... Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret - it leads only to evil.  Join Aimee on the blog and discover what she learnt about fretting when you're waiting.

Psalm The Passion Translation


One of the blessings of having been a pastor was the honour of being invited into the life journey of so many people - from birth to death and every season in-between. Like a special feature on a DVD.

forgiveness, relationships

forgiveness, relationships

Often when it's time to change direction; when God is calling us into something new; when breakthrough is imminent, we can feel a conflicting pull. It usually gets messy before the new direction emerges. This is the precise time that we must stand firm. When we must keep our eyes on the prize of what God is calling us to - seeing our lives and circumstances as God does.  Be encouraged from the life of Nehemiah that the tide can and will turn in your life with this week's blog...

the tide will turn; standing firm in the face of opposition

Esther's life was not one big highlight reel, and she was not just her for such a time as this moment. She was also all the moments in-between. Every season, every experience mattered as God worked in her heart and life, so that He could also work through her.

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How to clear all your iPhone alarms at one time (AAPL).

Redefining Success - what will enable you to look back on 2017 and view it as a success?

Knowing God;