PIK NIK by Oddds , via Behance

Food infographic EFRAIN LABOY - jvnk: Pik Nik Cafe Branding by Oddds Infographic Description Pik Nik Cafe Branding by Oddds - Infographic Source -


Moniker x Designer Fund Gorgeous Cutout Poster Series

A creative poster series developed by studio Moniker for the Designer Fund – Bridge speaker series. Moniker is a graphic design and branding studio based i

Designer James Quail based the poster's design on a circuit board from a transistor radio.

Let's All Obsess Over This Intricate Map of Alt Music History

Alt Music Blueprint - history of alternative and independent music mapped out to the circuit board of an early transistor radio

Aleks Gusakov.

Floral Posters

This series of decorative posters is made with few techniques : digital typography interlaced with stunning flowers bunch illustrations manually drawn. A series of graphic posters available in three versions, created by Aleksander Gusakov.


quim marin is a designer based in barcelona spain, clearly has a penchant for modernist swiss design as can be seen from his portfolio of work.

M&R Wedding Stationery on Behance

M&R Wedding StationeryBranding an eventMy partner and I are getting married.We wanted the graphic design for our special date, to represent our style and show the love we have for each other. Therefore each piece needed to carry enough attention to d…


A collection of powerful poster designs


A collection of powerful poster designs

Will the New York City Subway Ban These Ads for Using the Word "Period"?

How This Controversial Ad Helps Break the Taboo Against Discussing Female Menstruation


A collection of powerful poster designs