The paper is torn.

The Worst Mistake This one is about making mistakes, duh. I don’t know about you guys, but I was raised in belief that making mistakes is pretty much the worst thing you can do, and should be avoided.

Typography folding

A beautiful alphabet designed by Sonya Dyakova for Phaidon in 'The alphabet sprung from wanting to highlight what makes sculpture different from other art forms. By cutting and folding a flat sheet of paper, a three-dimensional alphabet was devised.

The big draw Berlin.

25 amazing typographic design

Typeverything:The Big Draw Berlin 2012 poster by Ariane Spanier. in Graphic Design

Board by Ricardo Gonzalez

Typography & Lettering Inspiration

I love this one just because of the phrase used. It's right because success is defined as getting up one more time then you've been knocked down. Although i would like to see an image to go with the words to make the point come across stronger.

handcrafted type by Marion Luttenberger, via Behance

marion-luttenberger-handcrafted-typography // I want to use this type of photography to decorate my kitchen!

Photo taken by Tim Bontan - INK361

"When nothings goes right, go left." This is a good quote but also the typography is really astonishing. He uses different fonts within one quote, and he lines it up so it looks professional and not sloppy.


WATERSHED / part 1 / DARK MATTER on Behance Designers: L-ABLE (Pamela Campagna + Thomas Scheiderbauer) and QB(Carla Palladino + Ed Testa) Client: Intramoenia Extrart–Eclettica cultura dell'arte Size: 70 x 100 cm Printing Process: offset printing