aroha (love)

Aroha means "love" This is a gift for some newly weds. I must credit Shelly Beach with the inspriation for the koru.

Piwakawaka (Fantail) by Jane Crisp

Jane Crisp this would be a great rule for bathroom".Paora: Don't put this beautiful Kai Tiaki in a bathroom or a toilet.

David Trubridge's Baskets of Knowledge collection, inspired by a Maori myth.

David Trubridge Unveils Stunning New Flat Pack Lamps at Wanted Design

David Trubridge Design studio, located in Whakatu Industrial Park in New Zealand, crafts beautiful organic furniture using timber from sustainably-managed plantations.

digital art inspired by the Maori new year Matariki, and star cluster, also a dedication to the beauty that is our Maori wahine.    I wanted to give the artwork a celestial feel, not like gods, but apart of the stars and systems, a synergy within. giving you that sense of scope and scale

Seven Sisters 1 (Matariki 'Seven Sisters' collection) by Allen Villi (Onesian).

Onesian - Matariki

~~ Matariki - the face of god\goddess. In some Maori traditions the star cluster of Pleides is called Matariki, the seven sisters.

Maori Babushka Dolls

Wahine Stacking Dolls Caroline Mitchell Designed in New Zealand our handmade stacking dolls come as a set of 4 dolls.

aroha  #NewZealand

A play on Robert Indiana's pop art sculpture. "Aroha" meaning LOVE in Maori (New Zealand native language) and also Kiwi slang. Also "Arohanui" meaning "big/much love". (Not Japanese for "aloha" ;

Maori modern art. Heather Straka

Melanie Roger Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary artists from New Zealand and Australia.

Ka kitea a Matariki

Angela Swann-Cronin "Ka kitea a Matariki" It's nice to see the artist has the correct orientation of Matariki

Charles Goldie - Ina te Papatahi, A Ngapuhi Chieftainess

Charles Goldie - Ina te Papatahi, A Ngapuhi Chieftainess New Zealand Artist

Queen with Moko by Barry Ross Smith for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints

'Heritage' by Barry Ross Smith. Painting of Queen Elizabeth II with a Maori Moko, as well as the date of the Treaty of Waitangi.