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Maddie and Mackenzie are getting in the holiday spirit!

Some of me and my Maddies holiday pics~Mackenzie

Kendall Vertes. Won't be at Abby's for long...

Kendall Vertes from Dance Moms

A beautiful day to spend time with friends.

My brunette babes with Jojo also~Mackenzie

Love her bomberjacket✌

their bodies are good for their ages

This is Chloe Lukasiak(right) and Paige Hyland(left). They are on the hit TV show Dance Moms. They call themselves TWINNIES! Because they look alike.


Maddie Ziegler's final pictures from her Sharkcookie photoshoot

Chloe and Maddie rehearse new choreography on Dance Moms.

Chloe should be happy she is taller than Maddie, Chloe can put her leg higher than Maddies

“If you really just want it, be passionate about what you do. If you don’t love it, then don’t do it.” Can anyone really argue with that?

“ Maddie Ziegler photographed by Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur ”

My best cousin Natalya!!

Maddie ziegler BTS filming for capezio

I'm single... Yet again... I'm going to New York and starting over I hope I never come back -Maddie

The beautiful Maddie Ziegler