niho taniwha (teeth of the monster)

niho taniwha (teeth of the monster), tukutuku weaving panels

Nga waewae tapu - Maori exploration The great explorer Kupe named a number of features in Wellington Harbour – including Matiu (Somes Island) and Mākaro (Ward Island), after his daughters. Kupe is on the right side of this panel, with Matiu and Mākaro at the bottom. On the left is the demigod Māui, and below him, the two taniwha (supernatural creatures) of Wellington Harbour, Ngake and Whātaitai.

Kupe carving and tukutuku panel – Ngā waewae tapu – Māori exploration

[Man working on tukutuku panel]

At the moment I’m interested in basing the concept of the underlying typeface on the tukutuku framework or panels. tukutuku panels are important features of wharenui holding important storytelling in.

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