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Learn to Paint Watercolours with Alwyn Crawshaw...the god of watercolor.

DVD - Learn to Paint Watercolours with Alwyn Crawshaw *have to try make sure i watch this.i have such a hard time not knowing when to stop when i work w/ watercolor

Learn to mix watercolors and build a foundation for watercolor painting. It's an easy process, and it can open your world to endless color possibilities. Here, we'll guide you through the process so that you can mix watercolors with confidence and ease.

Mixing colors may seem elementary, but learning how to mix watercolors is a crucial part of improving your watercolor painting. Read on to learn more about the materials and process of mixing beautiful hues.

Getting fluffy white clouds with watercolor is easy with this step by step video - anyone can do it.

Painting Clouds in Watercolour - different paint lifting techniques - normal damp brush + tissue, a 'scrubbing brush', a 'Mr clean' eraser (American only?

TONS of watercolor TECHNIQUES

Watercolor Masking and Frisket Tutorial © 2009 Gregory Conley. How to use plastic wrap as a watercolor technique. Would be interesting for leftover fountain pen ink .