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erector set art - Google Search

There are many reasons to start DIY Thread and Nails String Art Projects but out of all these reasons the unlimited possibilities are definitely topping the list. With 50 nails and a ball of thread you can materialize any shape, any message or volume.

I have a bunch of bottle caps I collected from a long time ago I'm going to try this craft

I see these things often. I wonder where one gets all the pop tops to make these. Hopefully they don't drink that much soda! I get mine from parties that we have pop at.

inspirational words for my teen girls

make a I LOVE YOU collage out of old magazines. great project for kids, wine night, etc.of course you can choose other fun words or things. such as serenity.words of encouragement. and so on.

Super Cute DIY Teen Crafts for Girls

This would be cool to do at a wedding; get each guest to wrap the string DIY String Heart diy craft crafts craft ideas diy ideas crafty diy decor diy home decorations home crafts craft decor